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Being close to the west coast of Scotland, Cashel experiences a maritime climate with a predominately south-westerly air stream.

Loch Lomond is the largest area of freshwater in Britain (7,108 ha) and is drained into the Clyde estuary by the River Leven.

The better soils are generally found below 200m.The range and nature of soils depends upon the level.

Little published information is available specifically for Cashel. The underlying geology is mainly Dalradian grits and slates and there are several faults through the bedrock. A quartz dolerite dyke is evident in Cashel Glen.

Cashel has a varied topography with elevation rising from 10m above sea level wherethe Blair Burn crosses the public road to 586m on the summit of Binnean nan Gobhar in the northern part of the property. There are several distinct topographic features.